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The Southern Ohio Home and Garden Show, presented by the Greater Columbus Convention and Visitors Bureau and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce, is a lively three-day celebration of home and garden design, art, food and entertainment. The cultural events in the historic city centre, which take place every second Saturday of the month, include a variety of art exhibitions, live music and a wide range of food, drinks and food trucks.

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The employees of Arts & Crafts are grateful to Dard Hunter III for giving us the opportunity to showcase his craft at his home in Mountain House, Ohio. Our goal is to secure a living and working studio in the Mountain House and establish it as a living museum.

Harden's artwork features on all sorts of cards, from greeting cards to wedding invitations to business cards, and he was unveiled as a member of the Ohio State University College of Arts & Crafts. I often have brides who use these posters as guest books for people to sign and the paper is perfect. They can be used like normal paper, but they can also be used in many different ways, such as posters for weddings and other events.

At that time, no hand-made paper was produced in America, and artists and printers depended on European paper. Hand-made paper was not produced in America at the time and had a certain preference for technology: "You have to buy it in Europe, but it is very cheap and very good.

Evanoff says the idea for him to make his own came to him in 1959 when a friend came by to see him building a slab for a table and spoke to a Cleveland tile salesman who made mosaics with paint and a set of numbers. I took a picture in a book and copied it, "he says of his first mosaic, a mosaic on a wall in his family's home in Akron.

Over the next few years Hunter incorporated geometric patterns and highly stylized figures into his work for Roycrofters. Once a good brush was at hand, Harden's ability to paint scenes and designs with objects he found on his grandparents "farm was evident in the homework he did at North Elementary School in Waverly. It also became a place where Harden found old, worn-out antique furniture, such as a painted cart and an old horse and an old stroller.

David's Vinton County grandparents farm inspired the "American landscape" paintings that now populate Harden's artwork. The painted stables, horses, cows and other animals on the farm gave Harden the inspiration for his artwork.

In 1919, the Hunter family returned to Ohio and bought the Mountain House in Chillicothe, Ohio, built in 1850 for a German winemaker. Today, the restaurant features four original David Harden murals depicting the surrounding countryside, as well as a large sheep face mural on the dining room wall that greets guests. When there was a primitive style of folk art about a decade ago, Harden designed resin snowmen. He began his career as an artist in the same style of painting that became famous for his works.

He also experimented with pottery, jewelry and furniture, and had unearthed some of the most famous works of art in Chillicothes history, such as the murals of the "mountain house" and a large painting of a sheep.

He attended Ohio University and considered studying art there, but found that he had cultivated his own style and wanted to preserve it. He moved into an apartment with his wife and children, decorated the place with eye-catching displays and moved in. Harden's apprenticeship was short and he set off for Pappy's Folk Art, which Murray had opened after Harden was fired from his job as a locomotive driver. After finding out he could make money from buying paint and brushes, Harden took a job in Murray's business as an assistant to owner John Murray.

He decorated his Columbus shops with displays and goods that were intended to appeal to the unique tastes of Columbus visitors. He recalls a time when he was looking for new ways to market his own creations at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart, and realized how much the wholesaler's wares were based on their own designs. This helped to unify Roycroft's product line and differentiate it from other American art and craft companies.

At first, many of the designs were based on the aforementioned Ohio historical piece from 1903, but Harden spent many hours in Murray's household, learning how Pappy cut wooden figures with his bandsaw and how Aunt Shirley mixed her colors with a distinctive color palette. Dard Hunter continued to work on his own hand throughout his life - making paper art until he died in 1966.

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More About Chillicothe